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Terry Sitz

  • Silver Spring,
  • Maryland
  • US
I'll Be UR Friend in the Daylight Again (Kintsugi) copy-29e0f9e1

I’ll Be UR Friend in the Daylight Again (Kintsugi)

Acrylic/Mixed Media including vintage ephemera, fabric, paper bags, typewritten Maya Angelou poetry.... It’s been an entire year full of suffering. Painting this over the last weeks helped me through my despair.In it, I typed out Maya Angelou’s poem, “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me.” Because I DID feel frightened and wanted to channel her. In my studio, her words became my flowers.A 1929 farm woman’s journal became the foundation of my vessel.I wondered how she would feel about her journaled words joining my painting. And I wondered if she lost her farm as the Great Depression struck just months after she wrote about hanging her laundry.I felt kindred to her in being blindsided by a mega event that changed the world.And then, unconsciously, I created a broken/repaired pot.Having picked up a yellow wax pastel, I marked the vase with a pattern of breaks.And then I saw it. KINTSUGI.Kintsugi is the 400 year old Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery using gold.Once repaired, the piece is considered stronger and more beautiful—embraced for its imperfections. The idea that being broken makes something (or someone) even more interesting & precious.In painting, I was guiding myself beyond the despair.So here we are. With the roadmap of Kintsugi, Maya & an anonymous farm woman.Sometimes we break. That is certain.And yet, we heal.And find beauty in unexpected places.And then Rumi appears to confirm it all:“The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You”May your breaks bring enlightenment. May you discover a new found strength and your own growing beauty.