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Nami Oshiro

  • Falls Church,
  • Virginia
  • US
LowRes Pineappular Idolatry-25d73c4c

Pineappular Idolatry

In the doomsday cult I left, so many things were idolatry. As a five year-old, as I was showing off a Hello Kitty plush to a lady in the congregation, she asked me very seriously if I worship Hello Kitty. In Okinawa, there's a big pineapple farm with all kinds of pineapple products and paraphernalia. A kind of shrine to pineapples. I myself love pineapples when they're sweet. when they aren't, I can only describe them as anticlimactic. Okinawan people are known to be hairy. This is one of the reasons the mainland Japanese put us in human zoos, calling us beasts. I was in a gallery when I drew this. So I thought, why not pineapples on pedestals.

9 x 12 inches