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Maremi Andreozzi

  • Alexandria,
  • Virginia
  • US

Margaret Fuller, “History Adorned” series

Sarah Margaret Fuller Ossoli (1810 – 1850) was a groundbreaking feminist, educator, writer, editor, foreign correspondent and intellectual within the Transcendentalist movement. Fuller grew up in Massachusetts and received a rigorous classics education from her father. At age three and half, she was reading and at five she was translating Latin. She began her career as a literary critic and translator of German Romantic literature. In 1839, Fuller began salon style sessions she called “Conversations”, in which she discussed contemporary culture and philosophy with female attendees. She became editor to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s transcendentalist journal, The Dial in 1839. She soon transitioned to the New York Tribune as a full time literary critic and the first female editor. Fuller, a prolific author, published her most famous work, Woman in the Nineteenth Century in 1845. The book is the first major feminist work. In 1846, Fuller became the first female foreign correspondent when the New York Tribune sent her to England and Italy. In Italy, she married Giovanni Angelo Ossoli, a lieutenant in the Italian Unification Movement, bore a son, and started writing a book on the history of the Roman Republic. The family fled for the United States after the defeat of the Italian Revolution. Their doomed ship wrecked off Fire Island, drowning the new family and her manuscript was lost.

12 in x 12 in