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Maremi Andreozzi

  • Alexandria,
  • Virginia
  • US

Anna Ancher, “History Adorned”

Anna Ancher (1859 – 1935) was a pioneering female Danish artist and a member of the Skagen Painters. Her parents owned the only inn in the northern fishing town of Skagen, Denmark. She became interested in the arts through her contact with the visiting Scandinavian artists, who came to paint en plein air. She attended a private art school in Copenhagen and received instruction from the visiting painters in the summer. Michael Ancher, one of the key members of the Skagen Painters, became her husband. The couple had one daughter. The Skagen Painters sought to capture the “real”. Much like the French impressionist, the Skagen Painters came to the scenic seashore to paint the natural surroundings and to capture the everyday and the working class. Anna Ancher was particularly drawn to capturing the varied qualities of light in interior spaces and depicting portraits of local figures. The Ancher house is now a museum dedicated to Michael, Anna and the other Skagen Painters.    

12 in x 12 in x 1 in