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East City Art Directory Artist Agreement


This agreement is between Artist and East City Art Media LLC, doing business as East City Art and East City Art Artist Directory, also referred to as Directory, and the artist (Artist) who places a listing, or advertising, in Directory.

Artist understands that this agreement is for the purchase of a listing in East City Art Artist Directory, which functions like classified advertising.  The listing renews annually as do the charges.

Artist acknowledges that East City Art makes no warrantee or guarantee of any kind with regard to Directory advertising listing to include, but not limited to, traffic to Directory, uptime of Directory, Search Engine Optimization of Directory, sales of artwork, access to gallerists or curators or an increase in traffic to Artist’s digital assets.

Artist affirms that East City Art’s online art publication,, functions as a separate and independent site. Artist’s participation in Directory does not guarantee a listing, a review or any publicity in the online publication, its social media or other digital and printed assets.

It is the Artist’s responsibility to provide accurate and complete information when posting in Directory. It is also the Artist’s responsibility to update this information regularly.

East City Art also acknowledges that East City Art Media LLC and its affiliates do not own any rights to Artist work or images of work.

East City Art may remove any content from Directory if the content promotes or condones violence or hate speech.

Artist certifies that Artist created and owns any and all artwork Artist displayed in Directory.  Artist will not display artwork created by someone else under any circumstance.  An Artist found to be violating any US or International copyrights, plagiarizing or taking credit for work not created by Artist will have the listing immediately suspended and no refund will be given.  Artist will hold East City Art, its owner, contract employees, volunteers and agents harmless for any infringement, misappropriation or legal violation by any third party that may arise from such violations and will be responsible for reimbursing East City Art’s legal fees if incurred.

Artist is responsible for posting all artwork and related information. East City Art is not responsible for posting artwork on behalf of Artist. Artist may request assistance of East City Art but East City Art is not required to resolve any issues arising from Artist’s content. East City Art will do its best to resolve any technical issues in a reasonable time frame but Artist should note that East City Art is generally closed for business Saturday-Monday, holidays and several weeks during the year.

All representations made by Artist in the posting to include Artist statement, resume and other digital assets must be truthful.  Untruthful statements made by Artist in the listing will lead to an automatic listing suspension.

Artist is responsible for all aspects of online sales. Artist should state if artwork is for sale or not for sale (NFS), update artwork price and ensure that any gallery representation is indicated in profile in accordance with gallery contractual agreement, if represented.  East City Art is not responsible for any component of Artist sale of work including issues arising from third-party payment systems, delivery or storage of work, disputes arising between Artist and buyer or disputes that arise between Artist and Artist’s gallery.  Artist understands that links to third-party sales sites will first pass through a proxy page or pop-up so that a buyer is informed that East City Art is not liable for any component of the sale between buyer and Artist.  Artist will hold East City Art harmless for any disputes with gallerists, agents, individuals or entities laying claim to any purchases, barters or other transactions with Artist.

East City Art is not liable for any damages to Artist, Artist artwork, or Artist equipment arising out of or related to Artist display of artwork on East City Art Artist Directory. Artist releases and holds harmless East City Art, its owner, contractors, volunteers and agents from any and all liabilities and damages to Artist or to Artist artwork as a result of any part of Artist participation in East City Art Artist Directory.

East City Art is not responsible for damage or theft of any artwork posted in Directory, regardless of where the artwork is located, including but not limited to theft of intellectual property or images of artwork. East City Art neither offers insurance coverage for the artwork displayed in Directory nor does East City Art actively monitor third-party sites for theft of intellectual property.

East City Art values Artist privacy. East City Art will not sell or share Artist information to third parties for any reason at any time.  East City Art may share information with Artist via email about products or services from third party vendors. East City Art has neither vetted nor endorsed any advertised third party product or service.

Lastly, Artist agrees that East City Art is the final arbiter of this agreement.