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Cynthia Scott Johnson

  • Frederick,
  • Maryland
  • US

The Fool

The Fool: The seekers journey begins…“The Fool” is the only major arcana Tarot card that still exists in modern playing cards as “The Joker.” Concepts associated with “The Fool” are ‘beginners mind,’  spontaneity, enthusiasm, adventure. Some of the shadow meanings are immaturity or folly. In readings, “The Fool” asks: how can I simplify? Where do I need to take a risk? How do I reconnect with a sense of wonder? This self-portrait is from a photo reference when I was a first lieutenant and I got an incentive ride in an F-16. I changed myself to a butter bar, and added the Fool/Joker patch on my flight suit. In this version, I also added a grid from segments of a painting by Imran Qureshi, a famous contemporary Pakistani artist whose work speaks to the effects of war in his country.

24 x 18”