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Catherine Day

  • McLean,
  • Virginia
  • US

Altered Landscapes, Quartered Arrows

Adapting quickly to the strictures of pandemic life, we once followed visual directives that infiltrated all public life. Unmoored from the presence of people, and the restrictions of pandemic living, the marks become a mysterious symbology. Adding the tactile geometry of an antique linen further unbinds those mysterious hieroglyphs from any prosaic messages, elevating their meanings to the transcendental.I use silks and antique linens as materials in printing, to depict loss, grief, and the fragile nature of memory. The top layer is translucent silk, the bottom layer an antique linen. The multiple layers in each work shift and move in air currents, changing the focus & intensity of the image. Creating a dreamlike landscape, it allows the piece to constantly change, as memory and life often do. The shapes and needlework emphasize the human mark on our world. 

34" Diameter round