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Camille Kouyoumdjian

  • Fairfax,
  • Virginia
  • US

Requiem for Winter

When the landscape turns muted under a blanket of snow, textures and patterns we wouldn't normally notice begin to emerge. I love the stark, restful period when plants disappear in order to rest and rejuvenate for spring. I don't know how often we'll see a snow-covered landscape here in Virginia in years to come. I began painting on a warm winter day, using texturizing paste and palette knives to create a messy surface. I made marks using graphite and ink, then blended in the white, as well as some collage papers. I hadn't initially intended to leave the painting so muted, but when I looked at it from a few feet back, it felt like a winter dream. I collaged bits of grassy paper and muslin to create a remembered place. I realized it was only in my memory that this landscape might continue to exist.

24 x 30